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The Location of the Special Membership Meeting for the San Luis Obispo Area was incorrect in the mailed notice. The Atascadero Public Library has moved. The Correct location of the Atascadero Public Library is: 6555 Capistrano Ave Atascadero, CA 93422


On October 7th CWA will be convening the first National AT&T Bargaining Council to determine our priorities for the next round of bargaining. These priorities will cover the next 3 years of bargaining with AT&T. AT&T Legacy, AT&T Southeast and AT&T Midwest begin bargaining in 2015. Our contract with AT&T West does not expire until April 9, 2016 with AT&T Southwest in 2017.


The Bargaining Councils are being established because of changes to our CWA Constitution that our local was in support of at our last national convention. This process is meant to improve and unify our bargaining positions for all CWA Districts and Sectors. The focus will be in areas of health care, pension, wages and the Premises Technician scope of work and job security.


To get a jump start on key items our local has met with the Northern California Nevada Council and the Central Valley Council. The following are those identified issues:

·        Protect healthcare and make sure we do not go backwards.

·        Remove penalty on pension at 50 years, change 55 to 50.

·        If you leave with a vested pension allow to cash out with no penalties instead of 65.

·        Bargain that any new work created by the 2020 plan be represented.

·        Job security as it pertains to the 2020 plan.

·        If job eliminated due to technological change must train employee on new work.

·        Protect existing job titles and the work they do- don’t migrate to lower paying schedules.

·        Move Premise Techs to the core contract (Appendix E to Appendix A).

·        Have a National 2020 Committee.

·        Bargain Alliance plus in addition to Horizon.


Retain: Medical for current employees, retirees and future retirees, the Technological Change Committee, keep the Employee Career Development Programs, VSB, ESB, Cash Out, the Job Security clause, NTP and the protection of the pooled titles.


AT&T will be going through some big changes over the next 5 years. We need to look ahead to build protections all of us as the future is not clear. Please feel free to provide your input as it is important. I can be reached 408-278-9441 or by email:


Together we are stronger, together we can make a difference.


In Unity


August 13, 2014

To:   All Mobility Local Presidents

Subject:   Mobility Members Random Survey

Dear Colleagues:

A little more than five years ago, we did a random survey with AT&T Mobility workers.  It provided a lot of valuable information.

We are, again, going to do a random survey.  It will be conducted using an outside consultant via the telephone.  The calls will be starting very soon. 

I wanted to make sure each of you knew that it was an official CWA survey in case you get questions.  Please feel free to let your Mobility members know and participate if they do get called.

We will be sharing the outcome of the survey during the Mobility Leadership Conference.

Later this week you will be receiving, via U.S. mail, more information on the Unity@Mobility Campaign.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Unity,

Annie Hill



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