Dear members, 

We have been asked for copies of the grievances filed on behalf of the bargaining unit. I have also been asked for copies of the board charges CWA has filed against your employer. We are posting the grievances and the board charges here in our forum, in the interest of transparency. As you all are aware we have been engaged in a very tough and contentious round of negotiations with your employer. We believe we are close to an agreement, however we have felt we were close in the past and had things fall apart (as bargaining sometimes does). Your CWA team is doing everything we can to protect your contract, your right to bargain, and to stop your employer from engaging in these anti-union tactics. It is a sad day when a union has to fight another union over issues such a the right to bargain and unilateral changes to working conditions. As you all know this process can take time and is very difficult depending upon the mindset of the opposite party. 

Thank you for your support,

your CWA bargaining team