Hello this is another installment of “in the trenches” to keep our membership at SEIU aware of what is going on around the local. We understand that as workers in the labor movement you truly are “in the trenches” doing the work that keeps the labor movement alive. This makes it hard to attend meetings at times when many of you are out mobilizing members or beating the street on organizing drives. Some issues we are currently facing at SEIU and what we are doing about it.


Bargaining has heated up so to speak. CWA has submitted all of our proposals, and  we will be meeting again on 5-16-17 in Fresno. We have moved through the non-economic issues and have now submitted all our economic proposals. We have been able to T/A on some items, we remain far apart on other items, and we will see what the response is to our last proposals. This round of bargaining has been smoother and much less adversarial than previous bargaining sessions. Having said that we want a contract NOW, brothers and sisters that is not rhetoric or recycled words from a picket line chant! They want us to be on the front line dealing with Janus day in and day out….well we want a damn contract! The strike vote came back with a 92% yes, authorizing a strike. We are in an unprecedented time of spending for SEIU 521. Over 10 million for a building, the creation of new six figure positions in management, sending members to Cuba. This is not chump change we’re referring to. Our proposal “cost out” is actually modest. The lip service about Janus rings hollow when you see a local spending 10 million dollars, it bears repeating 10 million dollars. Our members struggle to make ends meet in the silicon valley/bay area (especially in these economically intense areas). We are only asking for SEIU to show a fraction of the commitment to our members that they are showing to a building. The building is millions of dollars over decades….aren’t we worth a measly 3 year contract? When I said things were heating up they are: CWA is not going to wait forever for a fair contract. In the spirit of good faith we wait for our response; in the spirit of the activists we are, we prepare to take action. Please support your bargaining team by wearing red or black on 5-16-18. In unity,

Robert Hogue