Your CWA bargaining team met with management today for our first day of bargaining. As you know your team consists of Robert Hogue, Monica Alvarado, Courtney Koger, Kiernan Colby, Simone Cranston-Rhodes, and Valeska Sanchez.

 Management was represented by Debbie Narvaez, Robert Klinczak, Alysia Bonner, Alicia Metters, and Tammy Dhanota.

  CWA was asked to prioritize our goals in bargaining which was done in a very general sense: wages, healthcare, work life balance, family wellness was some of the general high points which were communicated through your surveys.

 Management was then asked the same question to which the reply was: reaching a contract agreement, safe return to work sites, adding staff, filling positions, and “investing in our selves” (SEIU 521 globally) and having member leaders attend NEO’s.

 CWA passed proposals on articles(s): 20.07, 21, 23,25,29 and 36. Article 23 was subsequently withdrawn due to interpretive differences between the two sides.

 Bargaining dates are currently set for the following dates:

March 4, 2021

March 11, 2021

March 17, 2021

 Please remember to support your bargaining team and to consult your CATS on mobilization. Do not forget to wear your red shirts on Thursdays!

  In Unity,

 Your CWA 9423 Bargaining Team




In the Trenches at 521

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