Virtual May Day Rally on May 1st 12 noon

The following message is brought to by the San Jose May Day Coalition.

In this unprecedented moment of the COVID-19 pandemic and sheltering-in-place, we honor all frontline workers!  These are the farmworkers who grow our food, health care workers who face the virus daily, transport workers who deliver essential supplies, grocery workers, utility workers who ensure we have electricity and safe water, sanitation workers who dispose of infectious waste, and all the essential workers who do not have the luxury of sheltering-in-place!​

Paradoxically, these essential workers are among the lowest paid.  Many, like farmworkers and gig workers, may not even have the statutory benefits accorded other workers – minimum wage, health care, paid sick leave, security of residence.  Many are undocumented – farmworkers, personal caregivers, janitors.  Many are migrants.  But just imagine a day without essential workers!​

​May Day – May 1, 2020 – is a day to honor these frontline workers and all workers who make our society run and who are the real creators of all wealth!​

​#WeAreAlwaysEssential #SiempreSomosEsenciales​​

May 1st at 12 noon, watch Facebook Live: @sanjosemayday and Instagram Live: @mayday.sanjose​​

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