This only applies to employees who currently receive their paycheck via the old fashion way i.e. a printed check, not direct deposit.


The Electronic Paycheck Stub (ePaystub) provides safe and secure access to and employees paycheck stub when traveling or out of the office, provides up to three years of paycheck stub history and eliminates the inconvenience of lost, stolen or damaged paycheck stubs. The employees can have 24/7 access to their ePaystub from work or home through HR OneStop.


If an employee prefers to continue receiving a printed paycheck stub, they must submit an exception request to opt out of ePaystub. The employees will receive the following instructions:


1. Access the eLink Paycheck Stub Print Exception form in the Process Center

2. Select "Paystub Print Exception" from the Request Type dropdown

3. Click Submit for Review

4. Complete and submit by Friday, August 30, or Global Payroll will automatically discontinue printing and mailing your paper paycheck stubs.