CWA 9423 and SEIU 521 have reached a tentative agreement with the following changes to the contract.

  • Appendix C: the CESA cell phone reimbursement now matches all other employees at $100.00
  • Article 30.02: No later than 90 business days after ratification of the tentative agreement, CWA and SEIU will meet and confer to review options for the 401k plan, the intent is to try and find a provider with lower transaction and maintenance fees.
  • Article 33.01: All FLSA exempt employees shall be guaranteed a minimum of eight (8) unpaid days off, including at least two (2) weekends (Saturday/Sunday).
  • Article 35: Merging LMC and Safety committees adding additional CWA members to this committee. Added language regarding agenda item submission.
  • New Article: Education and wellness. This Article will establish two (2) $5000.00 pools one each for tuition reimbursement, and wellness program. The basic framework has been established the finer details of this are to be worked out at the first subsequent LMC meeting subsequent to ratification.
  • New Article: Bereavement, Bereavement is now moved into the contract and as such is not subject to arbitrary change.
  • Article 37.05 Employees who are authorized to travel and stay out of town shall receive a daily meal allowance of $50.00 plus and additional $5.00 for incidentals.
  • Article 15: Wages, Effective upon ratification All bargaining unit employees base wages will be increased by 2% RETROACTIVE TO MARCH 1, 2018.
  • Article 29: Health insurance, Employees choosing to move back into the Anthem blue cross PPO shall contribute the following towards Health Care costs (per pay period for the first two pay periods per month)

Employee only $33.65

Employee plus spouse/domestic partner $70.66

Employee plus children $100.94

Employee plus family $100.94

An agreement was reached regarding defining the senior title, and what SEIU seeks in an employee when granting the senior title. This agreement does not establish the senior title as an additional automatic step, instead the intent is to identify what skills, work traits etc, are required to attain the senior title.

Additionally there will be multiple conference calls on multiple dates to explain these items in more detail, and to answer any questions anyone may have. We, the members of your bargaining team are proud to submit this tentative for your approval and we unanimously recommend a yes vote to approve this contract.


Robert Hogue             Courtney Hawkins                  Alenis Leon

Ron Hansen                Sandra Floyd                          Monica Alvarado


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