Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

Report on CWA 75th Convention

Communications Workers Of America 75th convention brought a change in leadership to our great UNION. The following link will give you an opportunity to view CWA’s National President Chris Shelton's inaugural speech. President Shelton addresses the issues facing working familes and calls on all of us to stand with him. Former President Larry Cohen who has decided to step away after 10 years as President has a statement that can be viewed at the following link . Larry was key in movement building during his time as President and will be missed. Along with the change in President there was also a change in the Secretary-Treasures position. Sara Stephens  was elected as the new Secretary Treasurer replacing Annie Hill. Local 9400’s very own Frank Arce Executive Vice President was elected by acclimation to the west region at large diversity seat. The 75th convention also brought forward a change in District 9 (California, Nevada and Hawaii), as delegates elected Tom Runnion (pictured above left to right Jason Hall, Tom Runnion, Frank Arce, Robert Hogue) as Vice President. The Bargaining Committee members for the AT&T West contract that expires April 9, 2016 were also elected. The bargaining committee will consist of Art Gonzalez Local 9511, Bill Demers Local 9400, Marisa Remski Local 9003 and Pam Suniga Local 9505. The alternates will be in the following order Anthony Velez 9413, John Miller Local 9421 and Tony Gonzalez Local 9505.


Resolutions were openly debated and adopted by the delegates concerning a variety of issues facing working families. Resolutions to honor previous leadership, opposing the attack on public workers, respect for women and respecting all lives just to mention a few. If you would like to review the resolutions please click the following link . Along with the passing of resolutions democracy was in full force here is a video as words cannot do it justice.


Local 9423 received an award for exceeding its fundraising goal by 200% for CWA’s charity of choice the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. Along with an award for fundraising Local 9423 received a Global Solidarity Award for 2013 and 2014. I would like to thank the Community Services Committee the current and former officers of CWA Local 9423 and the membership who made this possible. (Awards pictured below)


During Local 9423’s time at the 75th convention we had an opportunity to participate in a rally with the UAW regarding the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). The Rally was held before a General Motors shareholders meeting at the GM world headquarters in Detroit Michigan. Check out the video and see Louie Rocha Senior Campaign Lead Communications Workers of America District 9 and former President of CWA Local 9423 along with your current President Jason Hall talk about the TPP.


From the officers of CWA Local 9423 it was an honor to represent the membership at CWA’s 75th convention.  The work ahead of us will not be easy and it will take great personal sacrifice to overcome the obstacles facing working families. Along with great personal sacrifice it will take unity! All Working People must Stand Together!

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