Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #21

9003 Strike Prep

Be Ready!


Your Bargaining Committee met on the Monitoring Agreement that impacts approximately 2500 of our members in call centers.  The Union is working on additional protections for our members and enforcing the language in our current Monitoring MOA. (Memorandum of Agreement)


                              ABUSIVE MONITORING MUST STOP.  


Let your steward know if you are being harassed by management!  


We also met on Appendix E and discussed the need for major improvements in wages and working conditions.


 The Company has not moved off many of the proposals it has on the table.  The Company has continued to reject our proposals in an attempt to circumvent our efforts to reach a fair contract.


 Your Bargaining Committee is committed to fighting for a fair contract for all members.




Fighting for Fairness


We are not complaining about the work. We want to see our hard work reflected in our pay.

Emmett J. Bogdon

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