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CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining

Since our last report, CWA has been waiting for AT&T to fulfill our initial data request, which they did this week.  Based in the information received and other information that is pending, CWA will be ready to counter the Company’s proposal soon.

The CWA Bargaining Committee met via phone conference yesterday, March 17th and today the 18th.  We spent this week high-lighting the disparity our members in Puerto Rico face with the HMO they are covered by.  Local 3010 President Luis Benitez, explained to the company the traditional process for bidding on HMOs in Puerto Rico and the need to base their cost analysis on the actual Puerto Rico healthcare market.  We let AT&T know that an important goal in this bargaining is to correct the unfairness in Puerto Rico. These members pay the same costs as other Mobility workers covered by the NBBP, but do not get the same level of benefits.

This week AT&T restated their main goal is to control costs and pass more of the cost share onto the employees. We reminded AT&T that we are seeking better affordability for our members and remain focused on “unwinding” the NBBP. 

The CWA and AT&T will begin face to face meetings April 5th, and will continue meeting via phone conference next week.  Thank you for your support.

In Solidarity,


The CWA 2016 Mobility NBBP Bargaining Committee

Kelvin Banks, D3; Luis Benitez, D3 Puerto Rico; Holly Sorey, D4; John Richie, D6

Pat Telesco, D1

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