Communications Workers Of America Local 9423

Contract Countdown at&t Wireline

We are ‘Working People Standing Together’


Keep up to date on how bargaining is going with your union sisters and brothers in District 4  and Legacy T



Now is the time to start preparing…….

Along with starting a rainy day fund……$


  • Update your contact information: Address, Phone #, email address by contacting CWA Local 9423.


  •  Join a committee: Strike Prep/Event, Community Services, Bargaining, Health and Safety, Equity, Legislative/Political, Organizing


  • Become a Mobilizer: Help to get the information out to your Union Brothers and Sisters at your work location.


CWA Local 9423:  2015 Naglee Ave, San Jose, Ca 95128

Phone: 408-278-9423


Facebook: CWA Local 9423



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